Master Contract 17 – 18

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Oct 112016

The final Negotiated Contract for the 2017 – 2018 School Year

FINAL TCTA 2017-2018 Master Contract

Building Delegate Selection

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Apr 132014

1. The position of building delegate must be declared open every spring. All TCTA members are eligible to serve as building delegate.
2. The number of delegates in a building depends on your building membership. 1 – 25 TCTA members = One delegate; 26 – 50 TCTA members = Two delegates; 51 – 75 TCTA members = Three delegates; 76 – 100 TCTA members = Four delegates. We also welcome delegate teams as long as the number of voting delegates stays within the guidelines.
3. If you have more people interested in the delegate position than you have openings, you must hold an election.
4. If there are only enough people willing to do it to fill the openings, then there should be a vote to determine who is the main delegate. The others would automatically be designated as alternates. The current building delegate could select a group of members from the building, who are not on the ballot, to receive and count the ballots.
5. If the current building delegate will be a candidate in an election, they need to have someone else conduct the election: an objective member of the building office staff or someone from the TCTA office.
6. If the current building delegate will NOT be a candidate in an election, then they may conduct the election.
7. Fill out the New Delegate Information sheet (even if you’re returning), turn it in to TCTA, and bring your new building delegate(s) to the May Delegates Assembly to be introduced.
1. Attend Delegates Assembly on the second Wednesday of every month.
2. Share the information from Delegates Assembly with your building membership by holding a meeting or by “electronic meeting” – sending out your notes via e-mail.
3. Set up an e-mail distribution list for all of the members in your building. (TCTA can help you with this.)
4. Disburse paper materials to the members in the building.
5. Encourage members to join and participate in the TCTA Facebook page.
6. Contact someone from the TCTA office to represent members in meetings with administration.
7. Always remember that you are the face of TCTA to the people in your building. If their interaction with you is positive, then their perception of TCTA will be positive.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sep 042012

1.  How long is my lunch period?  Each teacher shall have no less than twenty-five (25) consecutive minutes each day for lunch during which he or she shall be given no duties.

2.  How much Plan time am I allowed? 

A minimum of 200 minutes per week, within the teacher work day, shall be provided for each elementary and middle school teacher for individual planning, preparation, or consultation. A minimum of 225 minutes per week, within the instructional day, shall be provided for each high school teacher for individual planning, preparation, or consultation. No more than one planning period per week, during this designated time, may be required for group/collaborative planning. Teachers will not be required to forfeit minimum plan time for uses other than those agreed upon in the Master Contract.


 3.  How long am I required to stay at a faculty meeting?  Except in an emergency, after-school building faculty/school business meetings will be held on Mondays, if needed, and shall not exceed one hour beyond the teachers’ regular contract day. Principals should attempt to seek consensus on the most convenient time for a majority of the staff to meet. Meetings may be held before school, or on days other than Monday, if it is determined through consensus that this best meets the needs of the individual site.

4.  What are my obligations outside the contract day? 

The principal shall not require any teacher to attend more than three (3) special events. Examples of special events which may be designated as requiring the attendance of selected individuals are: commencement, back-to-school night or similar activities, elementary promotions, spring open house, school orientations, as well as other events which, in the judgment of the administration of the school or the District, require the presence and/or active involvement of teachers and others.

 5.  What is the definition of a flip flop?  A flip flop is a shower shoe.  If you can take a shower in it without ruining it, it’s a shower shoe.

 6.  What should happen after I write a discipline referral?  Students who are removed from class for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to return to the class where the referral originated until the referring teacher has received notification from a designated authority of such return and the action taken as to the student. This notification will be in writing when possible or, if oral, should be given directly from the authority to the teacher. If a verbal response is given, a written response regarding the disciplinary action taken is still required.

7.  How many Personal Days do I get?  Each teacher will be provided with five (5) personal leave days. The first three personal days used shall be at no cost to the teacher. The last two days shall be charged to the teacher at a rate of $50 per day.

 8.  How do I resign from TPS?  The following procedures should be followed:  Immediately contact your administrator to discuss your intent to resign; give 30 days’ written notice addressed to the Superintendent and copied to your administrator. Be sure to include your current position and work site and on what date the resignation shall be effective.

9.  How do I request a transfer?  Go to and 1. Login to Employee Self Service (the same location where you can see your pay advice.)
2. Click on “Employment Opportunities” in the drop-down menu on the left side of your page.
3. In the drop-down menu, click “Teacher Transfer.”
4. Complete the online form and submit your request.

10.  What if I have questions about my Evaluation?  Contact the TCTA office at 918.749.2544.  You have the right to a representative in any meeting regarding your job performance.






When Teachers Are Threatened or Assaulted

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Feb 292012

We’ve been hearing from a lot of schools where our members are not aware of their rights regarding threats and assaults so here is the procedure for reporting: 

  1. 1.     Write a referral for “Physical Assault on School Personnel.”
  2. 2.     Report any injuries to the nurse/health clerk at your school.
  3. 3.     Write an incident report.
  4. 4.     Send the report to Dr. Ballard and cc it to your principal, your area superintendent, and TCTA.
  5. 5.     You have the right to file charges with the Tulsa Police Department or a report with the TPS Police Department (or both).  They can be reached at 746-6437.
  6. 6.     If your injuries require a doctor’s care, you should call Human Capital at the ESC – 746-6800 – and then go to a Concentra Medical Center.  (This is required for Workers Compensation claims.)

NEA – Eight Classroom Disruptors: Getting Them Back on Track

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Sep 172011

NEA – Eight Classroom Disruptors: Getting Them Back on Track.

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