What is TCTA?

Our Mission:
We believe that a free and democratic society can only exist when secured to the foundation of public education. This foundation must be rooted in the fertile soil of education employees, parents, community leaders and elected officials working together to promote quality public schools. We are Oklahoma’s largest local organization of professional educators. Partnering with the state’s and nation’s largest associations of professional educators, TCTA has long been recognized as THE Voice of the Tulsa classroom teacher.

Our Creed:
Because the teacher has a need,
We have a job to do.

Because the teacher has a choice,
We must be the better choice.

Because the teacher has sensibilities,
We must be considerate.

Because the teacher has an urgency,
We must be prompt.

Because the teacher is unique,
We must be flexible.

Because the teacher has high expectations,
We must excel.

Because the teacher has influence,
We have the hope of more members.

Because of teachers,
We exist!

9 Principles of Excellence:
We are the only teacher’s association pledged to strive for the National Education Association’s nine principles of excellence.

1. Students must master what is taught.
2. Students must be active participants in learning.
3. Full learning opportunity must be available for all students.
4. Learning should occur throughout life.
5. Authority must be vested in the local faculty.
6. School staff must be professionally compensated.
7. There must be high standards for teacher preparation and practice.
8. School/community resources must be coordinated to benefit students.
9. Financial support to achieve educational excellence is required.