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I visited one of our elementary buildings right before school started. It was hot! A problem with a blown transformer had shut down the air conditioning and permanently damaged some of the window units. I was there to do one of our usual beginning of the year meetings where we talk about bargaining, membership, salary schedules, and this year, the self-funded insurance plan. Hot as it was, attendance was good, and the teachers really seemed happy to stay and visit.

Most of the teachers in the building were already members, but I invited anyone not currently enrolled to come on board. As I frequently do, I reminded those I spoke with that in my experience it actually paid to be a member. I went over the membership/access card and talked about our extensive discount program. I talked about our home and auto plans and how many of our members have saved significant dollars by participating in those programs.

I talked about the variety of ways in which we, TCTA/OEA, try to meet the needs of our members. During insurance meetings several years ago, it became apparent to me that many of our teachers were not aware of the state’s language that provided for a thirty-four day supply or 100 units on most maintenance medication, for only one co-pay. We immediately informed our members of the countless dollars that could be saved by accessing the program correctly. Our office was flooded with calls for additional information, and member after member reported savings in excess of their dues dollars.

After the meeting, I thanked our loyal delegate for inviting me out and wished her a good start to the year. A few days later she gave me a call and asked me to go over what I said about the prescriptions. We took a look at just one prescription each of her children takes. We determined that by getting her physician to write that prescription the way the state allows, she could save $50 in a three month period. Since there are four three-month periods in a year, that’s a total savings of $400 on those two prescriptions only. Needless to say she was really excited and anxious to check out savings on other medications. The polite person that she is, she thanked me for helping her and ended by saying, “By the way, can I have that name of the home and auto discount program you mentioned?”

If you are not currently a TCTA member, I invite you to join. If you are a member, I encourage you to check into the many benefit plans provided through your membership. Like I always say, it pays to be a member!

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