The Tulsa Teachers Immediate Assistance Club is administered by TCTA. Unlike other member benefits, available only to TCTA members, the TTIAC is available to all TPS employees (subject to qualifications listed below). Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to a beneficiary upon the death the TTIAC member. Organized in 1941, it has provided assistance to members for 61 years. Subject to qualifications, membership is available to full-time employees of TPS, their spouses and unmarried children.

Qualifications to Become a Member: An individual in good health who is also:

• A fulltime TPS employee not over the age of 55 years: or
• A spouse not over the age of 45 (employee must be a member): or
• An unmarried, dependent child between the ages of 6 and 25 and covered by the employee health insurance (employee must be a member).
Apply for membership TODAY!
• Call the TCTA office. 749-2544.
• Come in and complete an Application form.
It is non-profit, existing solely to provide immediate cash assistance at a time when survivors and their families often have immediate cash needs and the assets of the deceased are often frozen. There are no stipulations on the expenditures of the cash benefit.

TTIAC is not insurance. It is an immediate cash payment, made available to the beneficiary upon the death of a member. Upon notification of the TTIAC board, a payment will be arranged within two business days.

Upon the Death of a Member:

• An amount equal to $2.00 times the number of members, at the time of death, is paid to the beneficiary.
• Each member is assessed $2.00 to reimburse the TTIAC Fund.
• Assessments are collected through payroll deduction the month following the death of the member.