When Teachers Are Threatened or Assaulted

We’ve been hearing from a lot of schools where our members are not aware of their rights regarding threats and assaults so here is the procedure for reporting:

  1.      Write a referral for “Physical Assault on School Personnel.”
  2.      Report any injuries to the nurse/health clerk at your school.
  3.      Write an incident report.
  4.      Send the report to Dr. Ballard and cc it to your principal, your area superintendent, and TCTA.
  5.      You have the right to file charges with the Tulsa Police Department or a report with the TPS Police Department (or both).  They can be reached at 746-6437.
  6.      If your injuries require a doctor’s care, you should call Human Capital at the ESC – 746-6800 – and then go to a Concentra Medical Center.  (This is required for Workers Compensation claims.)