Take Action


Contact your state Representative and your state Senator for both your home and school addresses: Let them know that a $1200 raise for certified staff is not enough to bring us to the top of the region in salary. If they insist that it is, ask them where that information comes from.

Additionally, we need to remember our support staff – Education Support Professionals (ESP). They need a $2500 raise. We are also asking for another 150 million additional money for schools and resources.

Equal Opportunity Scholarship Bills

Contact every state Representative and Senator from the Tulsa area: There should be no expansion of Equal Opportunity Scholarships. They were not elected to expand tax credits. Every dollar we give away in tax dollars is not going to public schools.

SB352 and HB2304

Contact your state Senator and your state Representative: We support an 8% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for our retirees. The fund is fiscally sound and this will not cost the state anything.